Wednesday, 31 December 2008

One Resolution: let in the light

Looking forward into 2009 I am resolved to let in the light. Peering down the corridor of the unknown  I become aware of our common forebodings and apprehensions gathering like shadows. A cloak of darkness awaits the unwary. Its easy to trip and fall when there is so little light. Imagine the corridor in the picture above without windows and you can sense what I mean. As you can see, however, the scene is lit by bright pools of light, like waymarks on the journey. All through Advent and Christmas we have recollected our calling as people of the light. In 2009 perhaps we can resolve to let in the light of God's love where it is most needed. To rebuild our communities so that dark places and contexts are flooded with light from windows of justice, love and compassion, because light is good news for the poor. Jesus is the light of the world and we are called to build the kingdom; which means getting our hands dirty and knocking out the bricks and putting in the windows of Grace ourselves.

Every blessing for the New Year. May the light of God's love shine upon your pathway.

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  1. I like the pools of light in this picture, like echoes of hope, and there is always another one ahead for those with eyes to see!