Wednesday, 24 June 2009

well-worn steps of faith

well worn stone stairway


Well-worn steps of faith

the soul-making way to God

and true-self.

Fresh expressions

emerging church

alternative worship

the latest cachet enhancing

unchurched attracting

ideas and inspirations

all lead here


don't they?

The footsteps of Jesus.

The dark night of the soul.

So many feet

so much hope

such great love.

Each step a 'yes': the pathway of assent into God.


Sally has written a great  poem to go with this image. See Danny's helpful post too.


  1. That is so right.... that is where it has got to go to. Thanks!

  2. wow, I feel a poem coming on :-)

  3. and because my browser is playing up I missed yours, even better thanks.

  4. Thanks Graham and Sally for your comments. Sally I will put a link to your excellent poem on the original post.

  5. Hello Dave, I love this picture of the steps. I was wondering if you took it yourself, and if so, were able to tell me where they are?


  6. Hi Tom, thanks for commenting. I took the shot in the remains of Wycoller Hall, which is between Howarth and Colne (rough grid ref SD 932393)

    1. Hi there - I would love to use this image for a book I am writing. Are you able to license it to me? Please let me know :) Sam

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