Friday, 3 July 2009

With wonderful tenderness God already loves us behind the locked door to our inner self

hidden secrets and shameful memories behing a locked door

and waits there to embrace us. Right there in the very place which is so enduringly troublesome for us to enter. Right there in the damaged soul-space in which it so difficult for us to love ourselves. It is there, right there where we feel most unloveable, that God desires to cherish us into life.

An image for use in worship and personal reflection

And a  wonderful poem written by Liz Smith, which gets to the heart of pastoral ministry and the gift of truly safe space which it can provide. Perhaps it is just such a bounded and protected space which is at the heart of 'the cure of souls'.

When the door slams shut
and I turn the key
on the inside;
when I permit no window of hope,
no glimmer of grace,
nor comfort of companionship;
then, in your tenderness,
You gift me with one
whose kindness turns the key,
whose courage cracks
the combined codes of pain
and fearfulness;
one who eases the door ajar
to welcome first shafts of sunlight
and promise of freedom.


  1. Fantastic poetry from Liz. What brilliant use of imagery.... just great.