Sunday, 27 September 2009

disclosing the beauty within

runner bean seeds in open pod copy

As we discovered yesterday, our last hidden handful of runner beans were way past their best and not suitable for eating. The pods were brown, weathered, dried and looked distinctly unappetising. A couple of them were already splitting open.  But the outer appearance of the pods, and the sense of disappointment each conveyed, belied the beauty that was cradled inside. Once opened out into the light the beans were gloriously vibrant with colour, each carrying a unique pattern and shading. The lining of the pods was a delicate tissue of white fibres. For a few pleasurable minutes I was quietly lost in appreciation and wonderment.

The whole experience reminded me that we all too easily and neglectfully take for granted or overlook so much of the beauty and complexity in life. Such treasures remain hidden to us unless in the first place we make an effort to see them. What gifts and wonders pass us by because we lack the time, sufficient curiosity or the caring inclination to be properly attentive?

Appearances, as the old adage puts it, can be deceptive, and not just in the case of runner beans. This is one of the prime difficulties we face when it comes to people.  How might our interrelationships and interactions be enriched if we took to heart this lesson from the natural world? What hidden potential would come to light? And what surprising seeds of hope might be discovered in us?

runner bean seeds in open pods copy


  1. i was scrolling down your blog, drawn by the vibrancy of your photos...and came upon this purple-seeded pod. Seeing things close-up means we have taken the time to literally stop, and then look and examine what's been under our noses all this time.

    Thank your for reminding me to stop and look at what's in front of my nose -- the gems in my appreciate what's there, rather than wishing for something else and missing the good that already exists :)

  2. I stopped and looked and could not resist but pursue for the seeds at hand. Where can I buy these seeds? I looked every where but don't known the name of these beautiful beans and many others. Maybe you can direct me to the proper distributor of these seeds? Thank you so much for sharing.