Wednesday, 2 September 2009

grasping the nettle

stinging nettle copy

We all know that if we get too close them stinging nettles will let us know that they are there. So with good reason they are the bane of small children, gardeners and walkers alike.

Close up though they are such beautiful, marvellous and awe-inspiringly exquisite examples of evolution’s artistry. Seen in detail with an appreciative gaze they never fail to impress me.

And in their fast growing abundance they play host to a wide range of insects.

Grasping the beauty and worth of those whom we would see primarily as a threat, however, is another thing entirely. It  is one of the most profoundly challenging implications of  Jesus’ call to

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” (Luke 6.27)

If ever anything in the life of faith was more easier said than done, this saying is surely a good candidate for the accolade.

And yet …..

which of us who has plucked up the courage to try has not experienced the redemptive touch of grace within when we have grasped this particular nettle?  Jesus knew well what he was saying.

stinging nettle closeup copy

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