Saturday, 2 May 2009

Daisy-chain discipleship

ephesians 3v8 daisy

Springtime;  clumps of ground-hugging daisies are opening out their small flowers into the sunshine. To linger appreciatively over such natural beauty is to be refreshed in one's soul. Slowly, questions are gifted and the simple daisy becomes an icon of  needed truth, a personal handwritten note from the heart of God.

To be a disciple is to be fully opened out in the presence of God; all the way from those deep-down hidden roots  of experience to the shiny fresh petals of the me that presents to the world. Testimony brings out into the open and makes plain the unseen photosynthesis of grace, the biochemistry of faith, that sustains and transforms us.

To be a disciple is to make daisy-chain connections and to bring out into the open and make plain the pattern of God's activity and intention in the world as it is. It is to open out the gospel so that questions are asked and truth is seen, however risky that may be, for daisies are small and easily trampled. Picked out and linked together daisies become a thing of child-like enchantment,  easily catching  the attention of bystanders, pointing to that secret, behind the scenes activity of God which sustains, births and cherishes, challenges and transforms each present moment.

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