Thursday 20 August 2009

we are so completely and naturally immersed in God

trout swiming in the clear water of the river wye in Miller's Dale Derbyshire

river wye at miller's dale in derbyshire copy This beautiful trout was swimming in the clear waters of the river Wye in Miller’s Dale, Derbyshire.  I spent a few delightful minutes simply enjoying the sight of  this fantastic fish holding position in the free-flowing current, before suddenly darting forward and circling back, a manoeuvre it repeated several times.

As I watched I became aware of a calm assurance that this is how it is for us, by which I mean that even though many of us are seldom mindful of it, we are at all times so completely and naturally immersed in God. I just loved this moment of insight which was imbued with such a peaceful sense presence, and wanted to share it with you.

Surely this is the literally transparent truth which St Paul was describing when he spoke of us living and moving and having our being in God.  Much more than a beautiful thought, this is nothing less than an eternal truth.

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