Thursday, 17 September 2009

behind the scenes in public view: transmitting the story

talking to camera

This is the unseen story behind the ‘to camera’ head-shot that one TV journalist filed at the start of the Clipper race in Hull. Given the well established preference in broadcast news coverage for reporting live on air from where a story is actually happening,  these two found themselves on a boat out in the Humber estuary. With one hand she is holding on tight to the rail, with the other she grasps the well muffled microphone just out of shot. The cameraman steadies his back against the opposite handrail as he keeps her framed and in focus. This is a revealing cameo of something we don’t usually see.

It makes me think about the complex behind the scenes story by which we receive the picture of God as framed in the Bible.  Each book has its own unique narrative regarding its compilation and cultural perspective, its unseen history prior to transmission, which frames the view that we are offered. All of this involves people who have an important story to tell and deep truths and perceptions about God to share. Knowing that this is how biblical truth is transmitted does absolutely nothing to detract from its power and authority to radically reshape our story and enable us to participate fully in God’s unfolding narrative of grace.

The God who inspired people to follow in faith out of the mists of prehistory, the God we meet in the pages of the Bible and whom we see in HD clarity in Jesus, is the one whose presence enfolds and enthuses us now with a passion to tell our story too, and to change the world for good.


  1. Nothing to do with this post but tons of congratulations on your's really exciting that the winners are actually real people whose blogs are read and enjoyed. Bravo :-)

  2. Congratulations Dave. Well done in your prizewinning blog!

  3. Congratulations - not just on the award, but on the real gift you have for inspiring and enabling us to connect life and faith with the living God.

  4. Kathryn, Gary and Angie, thank you so much for your lovely, appreciative comments. It is really good to know that we are all connected by our shared enthusiasm and commitment to blogging. Bless you.