Friday, 6 November 2009

a snapshot of postmodern spirituality

a snapshot of postmodern spirituality At the time of seeing this shot I remember thinking that the airy, light and modern interior of Longside Gallery at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park looked like a good space in which to do ‘church’. This part of the building enables visitors to sit and reflect upon what they have experienced, read guides and brochures about current exhibitions, or simply to look out at the landscape framed by the picture window. The  wall of glass adjacent to the bounding partition provides ample ambient light.

Thinking this through further and reflecting upon what you see here, it dawned on me that this looked for all the world like a godly activity, so I quickly reached for my camera to record the moment. There was something about the setting of this still spaciousness, with the chairs arranged to encourage encounter and the landscape framed to invite response, that felt ever so familiar. I would go further and say ever so sacred. This awareness, caught in a moment of time, spoke to me of the hospitality of God’s presence: welcoming, calm, still, spacious, enlightening and safely bounding, yet drawing our attention beyond ourselves.

So I offer you a snapshot of postmodern spirituality. Perhaps it can be an icon of encouragement and challenge to today’s church.

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