Thursday 17 December 2009

On the threshold of Christmas: fog-bound hope for frozen times

the light of his love melts the fragile ice crystals of my faith copy

Winter landscape near Barnetby le Wold


  1. So different from tropically humid, searing sun and sopping wet Taveuni! Or even desert-dry San Diego...yet, i appreciate all phases of nature... for it's all under GOD's creative hand.

    To me, this picture is like the Bible's revelation of "foggy" it was in the Old Testament, yet as GOD unfolded His-story, He allowed us more and more detail until at last in the New Testament, the full revelation of CHRIST was made plain...for those who believe.

    Your heart-grabbing picture is like that...a vague and barely discernable background, then more and more information, then at last that tree -- stark and in plain those who see -- CHRIST.

  2. Beautiful picture and powerful metaphor. Thank you for the inspiration.

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