Monday, 15 December 2008

Advent Hope

 fountains abbey undercroft cross monochrome text

Arise, shine; for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you 
(Isaiah 60:1)

Look very carefully at the picture of the undercroft in the previous post and right up against the distant wall you can just make out the fragile outline of a cross.  In Advent our radical dreaming, our passionate struggles, our subversive intention and our transformational commitment as Christians  are re-ignited by God's enduring promises. What I know and what I feel about this holy process of waiting and longing is summed up in this reworked image of one of my photos of that cross.  Look at its vibrant, vivid, bright colour. See how it is alive and pulsating with living power and potency. The dark, monochrome encompassing structures of injustice, oppression, exploitation and violence cannot dim this eternally bright light.

This is our Advent hope. And it calls us to action.


  1. ... an interesting picture of the cross against a monochrome background when we usually view the cross as dark..

    it offers a whole new picture of light ...

    I need to thik about this for it almost intrudes, almost seems out of place, and yet it demands attention...

  2. And that's the point isn't it Sally; this intrusion which questions everything with the love-light of alternative, radical possibilitiies. The vivid light 'judges' the monochrome by challenging the dark, grey context with the vibrancy of what can and could be.