Monday, 1 December 2008

Insight for Advent: Onexposure


Are you

Looking for a fresh way to get inside the meanings of Advent

Willing to think outside your comfort zone

Wanting to see challenge and promise all around you

Prepared to spend ten minutes each day in contemplation

Then why not try this during Advent

Visit Onexposure and look at the thumbnail pages of their latest or most popular photographs and choose one image which catches, provokes or disturbs your interest. You will know which one. View it large size on screen, simply sit with it and be open to whatever layers of meaning emerge. Let this process then draw you into prayerful awareness.

As you can see, Onexposure offers several categories of photos to choose from. The quality is excellent as each image is hand picked before being uploaded to the site.

undefinedThis image, Elixir by Bjorn Leirvik, leapt out of the screen when I did this. Looking at the four dull, dirty bottles led me to reflect upon my ways of thinking and behaving which are not life-giving. Those old cobweb encrusted patterns which are long past their sell by date.

The wonderful amber coloured bottle, backlit through a hole in the wall, caused me to think appreciatively of all that is life-enhancing in my experience at present; to see where the light gets in.

From this awareness to an Advent prayer is but an intention away.


  1. wonderful site; thanks for the linkand the thoughts

  2. Great image. It would have gone well with my prayer on Sunday which ended:
    We come to you in wonder and in praise

    We seek your light
    that we may turn from
    attitudes and actions that destroy

    We seek your wisdom
    that we may rightly discern
    and live for justice and in love

    We seek your life-giving breath
    that we may truly live

  3. Hi Mavis,
    thanks for dropping by and commenting and especially for your great prayer.

  4. Super cool! Thanks!