Monday 19 October 2009

transparently enlightened

late afternoon autumn light backlit leaves at tarn howsautumn tree
















backlit leaves misty autumn morning coniston

One of the transient delights of this season of the year are leaves backlit by low-angled sunlight. Thin enough to let the light shine through their being, many are glowing and gloriously vibrant with fiery autumnal colour, whilst others still shine greenly.  All are transparently enlightened. They don’t block out the light.

What will it take for our world to be like this: to let the light of love shine through and beyond our being; to be transparently generous and enlightened in our relationships with each other and the planet? Before it’s too late. One way or another Nature will teach us a lesson. If we are enlightened enough it may yet be this autumnal one, but time is running out if we continue to block out the wisdom of Gaia and the cries of the poor.

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