Tuesday 5 January 2010

It’s time to get a grip on God

it's time to get a grip on god copy

Outside the air temperature is below freezing. It has snowed, is currently snowing and more snow is expected. The roads on our estate our snowbound, icy and treacherous. Beyond the village even gritted surfaces struggle to keep the roads safe. Whether you are driving on the highway or walking along the pavement, grip is everything. Without good grip there is a real danger for motorists of losing traction or skidding out of control. And even shod with a good pair of hiking boots venturing out can be perilous for pedestrians when black ice is about.

The photo shows boot prints and tyre tacks of cars and bikes imprinted into the first, light snowfall.  The degree of good grip is evident. No slipping or sliding here. The reading from Isaiah set for this Sunday seems to me to be similarly concerned with getting a grip, but this time on the reality of God. Or perhaps it is more accurate to speak of being gripped by the real presence of God amidst the threats and hazards of wintry life. Blizzards of misfortune can blow in unexpectedly on freezing winds of  circumstance and spiritual black ice is an ever present danger underfoot. All too easily that which is stable, well-balanced, secure and taken for granted can be threatened.

Trust enables us to get a grip on God. Trusting that what the extracts from Isaiah 43 hold to be true is indeed true in the present moment. Then we get a grip on the divine reality below the surface of snowbound appearances. Then we get traction in our life of faith and a secure footing beneath us. What this feels like – the experience of getting a grip on God – is not something to withold, neither is our personal testimony to the benefits of an all-weather faith. Such at-traction is surely attractive in our slippery-slidey winter world?


  1. Traction... like super-glue grip... that's the kind of faith i've prayed for and i desire first and foremost. Right now, things are pretty easy, like a long breather after that prolonged trek in the valley last year. i know! that some GODventurez is just around the corner... and i'm doing all that GOD is having me do by way of preparation...greater intimacy with Him.

    i've been following some blogs on prophecies; and it seems everyone's agog on all these signs that are so evident to them, for they are well-versed with GOD's Word and His future plans and avid watchers of Revelation's unfolding.

    i can cope with all that's happening if i see it all as part of my GODventurez with Him. Then i can see it as exciting versus scary... trusting Him as the one in the Driver's seat and i, just in the passenger seat.

  2. Interesting fact that grip depends also on the gravitational attraction that is there all the time, for everyone who 'walks the world'.

    In the Lakes last week we paid good money for crampons. The traction, and resulting ability to walk the ice and snow, amazing, just like grace.

    The analogy breaks down a bit perhaps because grace is free? It says clearly in Is 43 that there has been an investment, but 'I have redeemed you'. We don't always like this being 'bought with a price' and, curiously prefer the slipping and sliding to being gripped by God - it's that two way mystery again (without gravity the ski slopes and toboggan runs would lose their thrill!)

    Thanks Dave, you've had a hand in Keelby's morning service!

  3. I am really pleased that you found this helpful Ray, and your gravitational take is just great!