Tuesday 19 January 2010

Now is the time and now is the place to act

now is the time now is the place

Walking through Lincoln I took a quick grab shot with my compact camera of this sign outside a hairdressing salon. Great message. Clear, fresh and attention grabbing design. Brilliant incitement to act on the spur of the moment and cross the threshold.

Put this alongside the powerful text set for this upcoming Sunday and the synergy is obvious. All that needs to be said is said. Cross the threshold and experience this for yourself is the clear message.  Now is the time and now is the place to ‘get’ Jesus and his life-bringing Kingdom. And as for God’s design, love’s purpose is equally clear, fresh and attention grabbing.

Now is the time and now is the place to act. It always is.


  1. What a "GOD-thing" this is...my church's pastor is also doing a series on "It's Time!" 2010 is the time stop the fence sitting, the pew hogging, and the willful blind eye to continuing disobedience.

    Even for me, it's time for me to put into practice my new moniker "rln" -- Really Love Now! And this year, GOD is answering my prayer request for boldness and courage to just speak up and stand out for GOD...to obey His Great Commission to share the Good News (through my blogs), and never mind the consequences (rejection, insults, deaf ears). Just keep sowing seeds, and SPIRIT will grow them...that's His work, not mine.

  2. well spotted. and love the connection. May we LIVE it :)

  3. I am continually amazed at your ability to see everyday things with such spiritual clarity. Once again an inspiring and joyful read. Thank you.

  4. Thanks rln and Lorna :-) and bless you to fellow photographer Daniel for your appreciation.