Sunday, 22 February 2009

Into the wilderness with Jesus (2): a demanding route to follow

 beinn eighe trig point original

A snowstorm assails the Trig point on Beinn Eighe in Wester Ross. It takes a long, tough climb to get the reward of this view, but  the unexpectedly bad weather is a reminder of the challenges and threats which lurk in such wild places. You have to walk prepared for the worst of conditions, carrying everything you might need with you. Far below, away in the  distance,  the path makes its tortuous way across the landscape, penetrating still deeper into the wilderness. 

Decision time: turn back or go on? Who said this was going to be easy. It will demand every last vestige of determination and stamina to follow this route. Yet the reward for those who do is incalculable. The Bible makes that much very clear.

Wilderness is where we discover what it takes to follow God.

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