Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Upholding, sheltering and protecting: a treetop parable

treetop hospitality

Like beckoning arms raised high into the sky, with hands cupped and open and gentle fingers ready to cradle a fragile gift, the winter trees speak their wordless message of welcome. Here is space to find shelter and feel upheld by a strength which can withstand the worst storms. Here is a sanctuary far from the hazards and distractions at ground level. This is a space of wide vistas and far horizons; of the broad view and the complete picture. Upheld and sheltered, here at last is the secure framework in which to build the protecting nest from which will be birthed that which is new and precious.

The nest far up in the high branches says much about true friendship and the nature of love.

To uphold, to shelter, to protect; this is the precious gift of the heart.

To be upheld, to be sheltered, to be protected; this is our most needful desire.

The treetops speak a parable of divine hospitality.

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  1. Please find a completely different Understanding of trees via this reference.