Wednesday, 4 February 2009

St Hilda of Whitby

hilda of whitby

St Hilda, Stained Glass Window, Chapel of St. Oswalds Pastoral Centre

I took the original photograph on which this image is based at dusk. As the winter light faded the colours of the stained glass became vivid and beautifully intense, complementing the strength of the calm, welcoming kindliness which the artist has rendered in St Hilda's face. In the presence of such serenity the reassurance of St Paul that "there is nothing love cannot face" became especially real.

Nighttime can be particularly difficult for those who are poorly and unwell. The hours seem to drag interminably. The dawn sometimes seems a very long way off. The orientation of the chapel is such that this is the west window and each day it faces the sunset and the dying of the light. It is as though St Hilda waits patiently to remind us that there is nothing to fear. We are not alone.

BBC Radio4's 'In our Time' offers a really interesting in-depth assessment of the contribution Hilda made to the spiritual and political life of her day. It is well worth a listen if you are fascinated by history.

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  1. Fab photo - thanks for your visit and comment. Clearly yours is a blog where I'll feel at home too - not least because of the joy of a sudden word from John O'D who means so much to me...Will visit again with more time soon - and thanks for the tip re Kathy Escobar too.