Wednesday 25 February 2009

Into the wilderness with Jesus (5): flowing back into the source

hayburn wyke In the sunshine of a warm summer's day a small beck flows towards the sea at Hayburn Wyke, on the North Yorkshire coast.  As the tide embraces the beach the gentle surf reclaims its own. The water which came from the ocean,  condensed into cloud and fell as rain, now returns to its source.

In the wilderness Jesus surely returned to the source of his being. All that he was and hoped to be flowed back into the limitless ocean of God's loving presence. This was a moment of awareness and sacrifice: of being at one with the Universe and committing to follow the divine purpose which moves restlessly within it.

Ocean, cloud, rain, river and ocean. The hydrological cycle resembles the rhythm of a life which begins and ends in God. In the security of this knowledge Jesus emerges from the wilderness and his ministry begins. Through him the love of God flows freely and abundantly. It is fresh, clear and sparkles with grace.