Wednesday 17 February 2010

discerning the reality within reality: the gift of deepsight in Lent

reality within reality

Divine presence is the reality within our everyday reality. Its disclosure is but a moment of awareness away. Once seen, it turns our perceptions upside down and inside out. Such spiritual deepsight gifts insight and temporarily dispells our habitual blindsight. God is close. Very close. So close. And for an instant of startling clarity we see alternative realities with crystal-clear Godsight. And we are changed.

Practicing such deepsight is an appropriate discipline for Lent. Each day holds within it the potential gift of deepsight moments.

The following is a prayer which I have just finished writing for inclusion in the next Methodist Prayer Handbook. It is my own take on the deepsight reality of God’s presence and purpose.

Extravagant God,

in the arid sparsity of my faith expectations

may your generous presence

surprise my questing mind

with liquid moments of inspiration.


In the voices of the unloved and unseen

may your prophetic presence

challenge my myopic ways

with an invitation to deeper insight.


In the warmth and words of others

may your healing presence

gently tend my soul

with unfathomable compassion.


So may each present moment of my life

shine with your extravagant presence,

and may your living word of grace in Jesus

become ever more fully and freely expressed

in the loving kindness of my heart.

live the word copy


  1. I love that prayer - I know that I will pray it over many times this Lent. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for such an affirming and appreciative comment Daniel. It makes the effort worthwhile!

  3. Bless you Sally. Glad you like it.