Tuesday, 2 February 2010

the way through is closer than we think

the way through is closer than we think copy

Paradoxically it is the shadow which casts hope, signifying that the way through is closer than we think.

The outline and shape is unmistakably that of a latch, its beautifully formed curved handle resembling the unfurling first note of a freshly divined melody which needs our touch in order to be heard into life. The first bars of this developing awareness herald our release.

God inspires this freeing insight through an act of conception in our imagination. Godly intention comes alive within us as hope. The idea develops imaginatively, gestates into expectation and finds final form as full-bodied intention.

As proximate as the form of our out-breath in the chilly air of a winter’s morning, this process of insight imparts the truth that the way through is closer than we think. The work is now ours to act on the thought and make our way towards the threshold of departure and breakthrough.

And the gate is already unlocked and open. The way through awaits our footfall.


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  2. ... and yet the liminality of the space holds us for a while, I wonder if what we need is the confidence to take the next step

  3. As you say Sally, confidence to take the next step and go through the gateway is what we need. :-)