Sunday, 28 February 2010

seeking and calling

seek the lord isaiah 55v6

Our certain awareness of God’s presence can be as transient an experience as fresh snow in February: something all-encompassing, brightly reflective, transformative and all too soon melted away into memory. Moments of such intense perception are precious gift; they are intimate encounters, involving knowing and being known deeply. They disclose with feeling that which is always true about our relationship with God. For the rest of the time much of this does not register in our busy preoccupied minds.

This is surely why the Bible encourages us to actively seek and call after God. There is an inherent unpredictability at play here. God is not ours to conjure up.  The caveat ‘while’ in the text from Isaiah is refreshingly honest and frustratingly recognisable as a spiritual truism. Which is why reminders of presence are so vital.

The one pictured above is especially appropriate. To me the simple symbolism suggests God at the heart of creation, sustaining our world and the whole cosmos in love. Here carefully crafted wrought ironwork expresses the shape of theological understanding and religious belief. It is a vital visual clue and a necessary prompt; simple yet effective. It has the power to render expectation and sharpen awareness, that we too might be still and know the love in which we are always enfolded.


  1. Hi Dave, this picture and your reflection remind me of a moment in 'Return of the King' where a beam of sunlight shines on the fallen statue of a former king of Gondor and a crown of flowers round the head shine brilliantly. It is a moment of hope in deepest despair and, though it lasts only a few seconds, it gives hope to Sam and Frodo as they continue their fearful journey.
    So much that is pure in our lives can seem fleeting, yet even though it is not always visible or tangible, the love of God is present - leading us through to new life.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of that lovely moment Micky and for developing it so beautifully; Peter Jacksons Ring trilogy is a firm favourite with us too.