Thursday, 4 February 2010

out of sight and just below the surface there is always so much more going on

out of sight and just below the surface

The bright, white pristine snowfall cloaks the ground with a beguiling sense of uniformity and newness.  Here and there though, intimations of hidden realities peep through  to disturb this calmly attractive monochromatic illusion. The transient visitation of snow is at best temporary camouflage for what is underneath, the real ‘is-ness’ of things, which will soon be revealed and laid bare in the warmth and light. The cover-up will melt away.

Perhaps the snow is kindly, gifting a brief respite from what lies just below the surface.  In this does it resemble grace, that enveloping with unconditional love which prepares us for the task of soul-making? As the pure enveloping snow melts and the landscape beneath thaws, little by little and at a rate which is right for us, the ground of our identity and becoming is brought into sight. The real nature of things is disclosed.

And there will be colour and life and good growth there, more perhaps than ever we imagined to be possible.

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